Superlative Foods

Superlative Foods

Superlative Foods Case Study Overview

Started in 2013, Superlative Foods has already won the hearts (and palates!) of many Singaporeans and Singapore-based fans. The company’s vision of bringing healthy and sustainable food is exceptional. And the level of care that goes into each product is palpable. Devotees of the brand responded by publishing stories of the snack on Instagram and their blogs. What more can they ask for?

There’s still a lot that needs to be done, as it turns out. The old website, with the company’s old solitary logo on its home page, needed a redesign. The old logo had to go as well.

Our team worked closely with Daniel Binder, the founder’s husband who took the lead in the project.

Community-Driven Narrative

The company’s story is compellingly authentic. Its brand of organic and sustainably sourced snacks is well liked in Singapore. Its commitment to the environment and ethical trading is worth paying attention to. These are just some snippets of information about the brand that we’d like to feature on the website.

That’s why there’s a whole page dedicated to Superlative Food’s community-driven narrative—the founder’s personal story, the company’s manufacturing process, the farmers involved, and the science behind the snacks.

Bring Out Chocolate Browns and Golden Tones

The brand is called Bruneus, Latin word for “deep brown” that’s reminiscent of cacao. Our search for the perfect color scheme started here. We put together a mood board with key elements such as Bruneus’ current packaging. Several iterations later, we opted for tones of orange and beige. This color scheme brings out chocolate browns and golden tones of the raw ingredients that make up Bruneus.

The primary color is vibrant. It makes for playful palette when paired with the packaging’s colors.

Icons that Tell the Difference

Always check the labels. That’s always a good way to learn about a food product. What’s in it? Are you feeding on empty calories? Superlative Foods adapted their labels for the web with a set of icons. A quick look at them can help site visitors and potential customers make informed food decisions.

Map Stores that Carry Bruneus

There’s a network of stores—organic shops, bakeries, gourmet markets—that carry Superlative Foods products. To help customers and site visitors locate these stores, we provided a list of addresses and an interactive map powered by Google.

Clicking on an address will take users to a specific point on the map. There’s also an option to narrow down addresses on areas such as the central business district of Singapore.

Combine All Things Good

Building a good product—be it a website or a healthy snack—starts with choosing the best elements. From the grid framework to the web typography, we carefully chose what goes into the website.

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