MetisEtrade Case Study

MetisEtrade Case Study

MetisEtrade Case Study Overview

MetisEtrade, a forex trading company that just went global, approached Thelle to create a responsive website that supports the company’s marketing initiatives. Working closely with the company’s in-house Marketing & PR Department was crucial to completing this project. Our collaboration with the company’s Marketing Communications Officer resulted in better than expected results.

A User-Centered Experience

The old site was lacking in usability. Like most sites in the years before mobile computing, it had the tendency to overwhelm visitors with information.

By structuring the company’s information for usability, we’re aiming to support user-centric goals such as finding key information and navigating their way easily through the site. This is crucial in content-laden websites such as MetisEtrade’s.

In the new website, usability is supported by several patterns including a persistent and logical top-level navigation, location breadcrumbs and fixed sidebar navigation.

Empower Existing Clients

The company’s existing clientele has this as a primary goal: get financial or company-related transactions done fast. They want to be able to log into their accounts, read up on issues that affect the market, get account-related questions answered, and download reports and forms among others.

The site structure supports all of these tasks. There’s an unmissable link to the “Member’s Area” on top that takes clients to frequently accessed pages.

A Better Way to Learn Forex

Financial education is one of MetisEtrade’s four values along with client focus, innovation and security. The issue is no longer about what type of content to offer. It’s about how to provide a quick and easy access to the company’s set of Forex courses. Learners, both those who are new to and immersed in the world of trading, will likely access these courses on a variety of devices.

Another issue we addressed is the volume of course content. Our solution came in two forms: (1) a persistent sidebar navigation, (2) and a consistent set of “next” and “previous” buttons. Users intuitively know how to navigate these, making it easy to find their way through thick course content.


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